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Filling Voids

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There’s this experiment I want to try. I thought of it myself. I named it “Lonely Soul”. It’s an experiment on trying to shut down from the world. As I get older I realize that people aren’t who you think they are. That realization becomes overwhelming every single time the opportunity present itself.  People let you down constantly. Eventually you get so tired of it that it becomes bothersome to you.

The experiment starts off by you distancing yourself from everyone. Not only for the purpose of silencing everyone to understand what you truly need, but also because you want to see who cares enough to reach out. Next step is to slowly become a mute. Don’t speak if it’s not required. For example, if you’re working in an environment that involves you to interact with people, well that of course is something you would have to do. However, if you work alone and communication is not needed, try it. See how that turns out for you.

The final step is to do every single thing by yourself. As in, go to the gym by yourself. Cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner by yourself. Read more, focus on work and promotions. Silence the world but excel in the things you want the most. The point of this experiment is to silence the world so we can understand what we’re truly missing. Sometimes we fill our voids with deception of others. We look for something in them that we’re missing. And we could never figure out what that is because we don’t even know what that is. Silence the world. Pay attention to your inner self. You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever did before.


Written by caressa247

October 26, 2017 at 2:41 pm

Strange Faces While Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

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We all think we know someone. We think we know our family, friends, spouses, etc. but we don’t. Not the full being of them anyway. We only know what they want us to know. How many times have you kept a secret from someone? Is there secrets that you have and plan on taking to the grave with you right now? Sure there’s secrets. We all have them.

Humans do not digest embarrassment well. That’s why we vault our secrets. Would you tell your husband about the time you pissed your pants because you were too scared to be in the house alone at the age fifteen? I think that is a small secret you would hold onto. That was just a small example. If you killed two of your ex wives, would you tell that to your soon-to-be third wife? Now, that’s a big example. Not to mention I highly doubt anyone would disclose that information.

The point I’m making here is how well do we know anyone. Can true love even exist if we never met each other true self?



Written by caressa247

October 15, 2017 at 4:12 am

It’s A Woman Thing

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I was reading this book called FeMALE TRAITS by Lurea McFadden. Let me start off first by saying that I love the book. It’s dope in my opinion. It will make you cherish your significant other a whole lot more if you hadn’t already. I say all of that to introduce why I’m writing this here article.

In the book the man best friend is a Latin woman. On the other hand, his wife is a black woman. Now, none of that is an issue. All of that is completely fine. While I’m reading the book, it’s hinted that the Latin woman has an “attitude problem”. However, it was presented in the book as “fiery”. This here is where I drive it home. How come when a black woman has an “attitude problem” she’s considered an “angry black woman”. If she’s not the angry black woman then she’s ratchet, bitter, sad, lonely, etc.

How come the Latin woman could be presented as fiery but the black was has to be presented as angry? Women catch attitudes over the same things. Our men aren’t listening to us, they forgot to take the trash out again, they don’t give us breaks on cooking, We can’t remember the last time they did the dishes, etc. Shit like that. Hell yeah ANY woman has a right to have an attitude over that. We are their women, not their maids. Not their damn sex toys. Hell yeah we can have an attitude and wild out. That’s ANY woman. White, Black, Spanish, Asian, and so on. If a woman want to stand up for herself that’s completely okay. I don’t think any one of us women of any race should be labeled an angry woman for standing up for ourselves.

We are women. We are all fierce. We are all strong and courageous. Regardless of what anybody tries to label us. We birth babies. Complete our homes. Encourage our men. Nurture our children. And all while doing that we still try to make some kind of time for ourselves. Our men should understand that and lift us up as we do them. It’s not an “angry black woman” thing or a “fiery Latina” thing. It’s A Woman Thing.


Written by caressa247

June 27, 2017 at 8:26 pm

Weird People

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Did you ever notice how weird some people are? You can have someone that has your back completely. They encourage you to do better and they accept you for who you are. Yet when that same person that is always there for you suddenly need you, you are nowhere to be found. That is the true definition of weird. You don’t know how to comfort your good friend in a time of need but you know how to comfort a person that tears you down repeatedly.

You know how invest your time and energy into a person who doesn’t even give a damn if you are good or not. They’ll come around when it’s convenient for them. And you’ll be right there, like a damn weirdo. But when your good friend needs you, you’re incognito. You’re all of a sudden Ray Mysterio.

That’s why I learned to be happy with myself, by myself. Some of my most happiest and relaxing moments are by myself. I go to the movies by myself. I get my eyebrows done by myself. I have lunch by myself. I even had drinks by myself before at a couple bars. I enjoy time by myself. It’s less stressful. Plus you don’t have any fake people around showing fake love to you. Just genuine love if you genuinely love yourself.

Written by caressa247

May 29, 2017 at 4:02 am